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This is where I ramble about music, sports, food, books, the interwebs and whatever else I deem worthy of sharing.

In addition to my ramblings here, I'm also the co-founder of a baseball-specific twitter feed podcast and blog with my good friend Ian, called Productive Outs.

I also have a bandcamp page and a soundcloud page that I'll be posting my own music and remixes on every once in a while.

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Cloudkicker opened with the first 6:45 Subsume last night, and I about lost it. The opening swell is so meditative (like a Tibetan Singing Bowl), the opening groove so hypnotic, and the end so cathartic. Just a perfect piece of music. I’m so thankful to have had an opportunity to see and feel these songs in a live setting.

What an incredible night of music at The Constellation Room. @cloudkickermusic was even better than I could have imagined and Intronaut was outstanding as well. @dwalkerdrummer is an absolute beast. One of the most satisfying and inspiring shows I’ve been to in ages. (at Constellation Room)

Productive Outs - PRODcast 75: Metallica ft. Barry Zito



We’re back to a weekly schedule because baseball is back! The Lord giveth and then she taketh away, or something. 

But we’re here to celebrate the mediocrity that is Barry Zito X late-period Metallica:


In other, less painful (we hope) audio news, here is a prawncats!

- The open (0:00-7:35)

- The emails. Weird, as usual. (8:15-29:45)

- The music: feat. Get Pure, the new album from MOUNT CARMEL. (30:30-32:30)

- The baseball talk (32:30-1:02:20)

  • Coffee is for closers and closers be blowin’ it: Nathan, Holland, Parnell, etc.

  • PuigGate 2014

  • Emilio Bonifiacio es bonafide?

  • Ryan Braun done lost his mind
  • MLB.tv/AtBat commercials

  • Replay review: Can you dig it?

  • Seven-inning baseball games?

- The musical advice: the vagaries of record-label contracts, sales, reissues, and the like. (1:03:05-1:13:40)

- The self-promotion (1:13:40-1:17:55)

- The farewell

Trap Them, “Salted Crypts”

Loved their last LP and can’t wait to hear the rest of this beast.

Mike Trout is to baseball as Matt Garstka is to drumming … young, freakishly talented and better at his craft than pretty much everyone.

Random Start: Gaza, “The Crown”

I’m fairly certain that I’ve listened to No Absolutes In Human Suffering more than any other record over the past two years. It’s a shame Gaza doesn’t exist any longer, but I’m excited to hear the new Cult Leader EP that comes out Tuesday, April 15th on Deathwish.

This is Cloudkicker + Intronaut playing together for the first time last Saturday.

I’m gonna need some help picking my jaw up off the floor. I cannot wait to see this in-person in 10 days. Not sure there’s been a band on the planet who’s inspired me more over the past four years than Ben Sharp/Cloudkicker.

And holy crap, Danny Walker is absolutely killing behind the kit on these songs.


Productive Outs - PRODcast 74: Kenley Jansen's One-Pitch Filth

Now that baseball is back, we’re bringng you marginal takes, and handful of emails from lunatics, 80-grade tunes and a whole bunch of other garbage that you probably don’t need. HAVE SOME.


Yeah, this podcast is dedicated to all the teachers that told us we’d never get past episode fitty. It’s all good, baby.

- It was all a dream: Not Jose Mota welcomes back the baseball season (0:00-7:12)

- We read your crazy-ass emails (7:45-28:45)

- Salt and Pepa and Animals as Leaders up in the limousine (29:2-34:15)

- Every Wednesday night, Evan Funk Davies, not Marley Marl (34:15-53:55)

- Baseball talk til my tape popped (54:42-1:20:11)

  • Mike Trout is rich (and very good at baseball)
  • Miguel Cabrera is also rich (and good at baseball) and the Tigers are dumb
  • Our respective divisional picks, wild card teams, NL & AL champs & WS champ

- Peace to Puig DCult Leader, KWC (1:21:05-1:27:55)

And if you don’t know, now you know…

My 2014 MLB Predictions


I’ve done this each of the past three seasons, and figured (despite no longer being a baseball blogger/writer — contracted, freelance or otherwise) I should probably do it again because I’m horrible at it, just like almost everyone else who writes about baseball. It nothing else, this annual ritual is a great opportunity to pretend that I know what the hell I’m talking/writing about in April and totally refute that six months later.

And if you needed proof, well, here’s your proof:

Exhibit A: Revisiting my 2011 MLB Predictions

Exhibit B: Revisiting my 2012 MLB Predictions

Exhibit C: Revisiting my 2013 MLB Predictions

Told you. 

How bad is it gonna get this year? Let’s find out … 


  1. Tampa Bay 90-72
  2. Boston 87-75
  3. New York 83-79
  4. Baltimore 80-82
  5. Toronto 78-84


  1. Detroit 93-69
  2. Cleveland 82-80
  3. Kansas City 81-81
  4. Chicago 74-88
  5. Minnesota 68-94


  1. Oakland 92-70
  2. Los Angeles 88-74
  3. Texas 84-78
  4. Seattle 79-83
  5. Houston 61-101


  1. Washington 91-71
  2. Atlanta 83-79
  3. Philadelphia 76-88
  4. New York 74-88
  5. Miami 67-95


  1. St. Louis 90-72
  2. Cincinnati 87-75
  3. Pittsburgh 81-81
  4. Milwaukee 80-82
  5. Chicago 72-90


  1. Los Angeles 96-66
  2. San Francisco 85-77
  3. Arizona 82-80
  4. San Diego 82-80
  5. Colorado 76-86

AL WILD CARD PLAY-IN: Red Sox over Angels

ALDS: Rays over Athletics

ALDS: Tigers over Red Sox

ALCS: Tigers over Rays


NL WILD CARD PLAY-IN: Giants over Reds

NLDS: Dodgers over Giants

NLDS: Cardinals over Nationals

NLCS: Cardinals over Dodgers


WORLD SERIES: St. Louis Cardinals over Tigers


AL MVP: Mike Trout - LAA

AL CY YOUNG: Max Scherzer - DET

AL ROY: Xander Bogaerts - BOS


NL MVP: Buster Posey - SF

NL CY YOUNG: Jose Fernandez - MIA

NL ROY: Chris Owings - ARI

I always appreciate healthy baseball discussion, so please tell me why my picks are awful, either in the comments here, on Twitter, or you can email the Productive Outs Podcast

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