My name is Riley, and I play drums and write music for a band called Thrice.

This is where I ramble about music, sports, food, books, the interwebs and whatever else I deem worthy of sharing.

In addition to my ramblings here, I'm also the co-founder of a baseball-specific twitter feed podcast and blog with my good friend Ian, called Productive Outs.

I also have a bandcamp page and a soundcloud page that I'll be posting my own music and remixes on every once in a while.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions presented on this blog are mine and mine only, and do not reflect the position or views of Thrice as a whole.

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Not-So-Random Start: Octaves, “Be Angry at the Sun for Setting on a Set of Sons”

Canadian superhero/tastemaker/baseball guru Drew Fairservice of Getting Blanked mentioned these guys on Twitter yesterday, so I checked them out. (Drew has exceptional taste in music.) I’ve been listening to them pretty much nonstop ever since. If you like Botch, Deadguy, Everytime I Die, The Bled (RIP), and/or slightly less AGGRO Dillinger Escape Plan stuff, there’s definitely something for you in the eight songs that make up Greener Pastures.

Buy it here.


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