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And Just Like That, I’m Buried In New Music

Buy Young Widows’ In And Out Of Youth And Lightness for $7 here.

Buy TV On The Radio’s Nine Types Of Light for $8 here.

Buy Foo Fighters’ Wasting Light for $10 here.

Buy Thursday’s No Devolucion for $8 here.

I picked these records up this morning, and while I’m happy to have all this new music, I’m scared that I’m not going to find adequate time to really sit and digest them all until later this year. I love release days like this, but hate them too.

What did you pick up today?


  1. leehumerian answered: New BTBAM
  2. sexybex answered: I’m waiting for the new Gorillaz next week…
  3. thehonestabstract answered: great stuff - thanks for this. got the new FF and thursday but didn’t know about the first 2 - but a lot of albums are coming out right now!
  4. whoofusiscursed answered: No Devolucion!
  5. unknownvariable answered: didn’t pay for this (it’s free), but downloaded it in the morning and listened all day: soundcloud.com/alphapu…
  6. didiknowyou answered: Too caught up in my MFT finals to remember to pick up Thursday. Thanks for the reminder! Off to the store tomorrow!
  7. azlisa answered: Love the new Thursday LP. I think it’s their best work since Full Collapse.
  8. unlimitedpassion answered: Between The Buried And Me The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues
  9. jooonnna answered: Thursday
  10. inexile answered: got the foo fighters and young widows! Diggin the Foos cant wait to get to into young widows
  11. disillusionofsafety reblogged this from hermitologist and added:
    Thursday + Foo Fighters. Yes.
  12. recklessbyfar answered: I just got the new Emery cd.
  13. noogieburger answered: Wasting Light. Still not done with the first listen, but I don’t think I have ever heard a record with this good of a mix.
  14. therein answered: true widow’s new record is fantastic.
  15. sonsofthegods answered: The Republic of Wolves
  16. mynameisap answered: Foo Fighters
  17. brianmlatimer answered: Got an email that a copy of ‘Didn’t it Rain’ by Songs: Ohia shipped today.
  18. omgzlol answered: Foo Fighters and Thursday are both awesome albums.
  19. dylzombie answered: facebook.com/#!/page…
  20. diariodeldia answered: Thursday! Love it. Found some similarities with Common Existence, which is great.
  21. teaim answered: Picked up new Foos and Thursday too – Foos instant classic, Thurs is more of a grower imho. Need some new Thrice next…
  22. themadeshop answered: Panda Bear!
  23. words-notes answered: I hate it when that happens. I picked up “Barcelona - Absolutes.”
  24. hugel reblogged this from hermitologist and added:
    These are four records I want to get. They should keep me busy for a bit.
  25. hugel answered: Can I just go to my local store and pick up the Riley pack?
  26. thealchemyindex reblogged this from hermitologist and added:
    new thursday
  27. divss answered: Með Suð Í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust- By Sigur Ros
  28. transascendant answered: coheed’s SSTB reissue, last night. Ulver’s War of the Roses is supposedly winging its way across the atlantic
  29. justinbee answered: Foos, Thursday, and Atmosphere!
  30. sunnymartini answered: The new Thursday album is ridiculously good! I love the progression of the album, and the evolving sound of “new” Thursday.
  31. thegarebear answered: Also picked up TV on the Radio, Thursday & Foo Fighters. Also have been listening to Panda Bear’s “Tomboy” & think I’ll pick it up as well.
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