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I took the liberty of rewriting the USA Today’s descriptions of “four of the most delicious-looking concessions” available at this year’s MLB All-Star Game.


My fingers are a little wet from drooling while posting this!

These are four of the most delicious-looking concessions available at the 2014 MLB All-Star Game at Target Field:

1. The Hangover Burger: The hangover burger uses a mix of ground pasture dads and ground porkflaps for two quarter-pound meatwheels. They’re topped with moist orange milk shingles, farm hair, stinkbulbs, a fried pre-chicken, and a sauce made from trend paste, tomato gloopers, sandwich lube and pickled midgets.

2. Lobster Corn Dog: Fried seahoppers on a faulty dowel. There is also condiment soup for dipping.

3. The Double Play: A polish meatwand and a spiced lamb dangler stuffed into the same bread canoe, side-by-side.

4. The Brat Dog: A footlong bologna finger wrapped in spiced lamb dangler, then wrapped in porkflaps, served on a breadknot roll. There are grilled theseareweird tomatoes, too, so you get your veggies. It’s healthy, right?

(via stadium-love-)


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