My name is Riley, and I play drums and write music for a band called Thrice.

This is where I ramble about music, sports, food, books, the interwebs and whatever else I deem worthy of sharing.

In addition to my ramblings here, I'm also the co-founder of a baseball-specific twitter feed podcast and blog with my good friend Ian, called Productive Outs.

I also have a bandcamp page and a soundcloud page that I'll be posting my own music and remixes on every once in a while.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions presented on this blog are mine and mine only, and do not reflect the position or views of Thrice as a whole.

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Most of you who’ve been reading Hermitology or following Thrice over the years are probably well aware of how much I admire Dave Grohl and how much I’ve been inspired by what he’s done and continues to do. Marc Maron had Grohl as a guest on the WTF Podcast this week and the conversation they had boosted that admiration and inspiration to a whole new level. It’s an absolute must-listen. I could have listened to them chat for hours. 

The Robert Glasper Experiment covering Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

This is madness.

Random Start: Nirvana, “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter”

Dave Grohl, you guys.

What a beast.

If you don’t own In Utero, open your right hand, look at your palm, and kindly put your face in it. And then buy it (for $4) here.

Random Start: Nirvana, “Very Ape”

In Utero > Nevermind

It’s my go-to album when I’m jonesing for some Nirvana.

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