My name is Riley, and I play drums and write music for a band called Thrice.

This is where I ramble about music, sports, food, books, the interwebs and whatever else I deem worthy of sharing.

In addition to my ramblings here, I'm also the co-founder of a baseball-specific twitter feed podcast and blog with my good friend Ian, called Productive Outs.

I also have a bandcamp page and a soundcloud page that I'll be posting my own music and remixes on every once in a while.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions presented on this blog are mine and mine only, and do not reflect the position or views of Thrice as a whole.

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I can’t wait to hear this record. In my experience, Pearl Jam has been a polarizing band — people love them or hate them (and Eddie Vedder typing lyrics on a typewriter in this promo will definitely fuel those who are the latter) — but I’ve been a fan since ‘91 and I’m not about to stop now.

Random Start: Pearl Jam, “Amongst The Waves”

This one lands in the category of some of Pearl Jam’s more bar band-ish work, but it’s still a great song nonetheless. I’ve never understood why this band is so polarizing and why it doesn’t seem like there’s a middle ground of fandom with them — they’re either detested or totally respected and loved.

For what it’s worth, I stand firmly in the latter camp.

Buy Backspacer here.

The Gaslight Anthem, “State Of Love And Trust” (featuring Eddie Vedder)

I would have crapped in my pants.

Random Start: Pearl Jam, “Last Exit”

My iPhone made its “last exit” last night when it slid from in between my ear and my shoulder and fell into the toilet while I was peeing. Good times, friends. Good. Times.

While you buy Vitalogy here, I’ll be buying a new phone here.

Random Start: Pearl Jam, “Last Kiss”

You know, it’s just Pearl Jam putting out a double album’s worth of 29 b-sides and covers, and having one of them become the biggest song in the history of a band that’s sold over 60 million records worldwide.

The yoosh.

Buy Lost Dogs here.

Not So Random Start: Pearl Jam, “All Night”

“All Night” as in my lady and I drove “all night” after the show last night, from Sacramento to Orange, for a day off at home, and now I’m operating on ~4 hours of sleep (which is why I’m punctuating this sentence so poorly).

Random Start: Pearl Jam, “The Fixer”

A fitting Random Start, given the subject matter of this week’s 3hree Things. The chorus of this song is totally infectious. I had it stuck in my head for weeks after I heard it for the first time. Backspacer is probably my favorite Pearl Jam record since Binaural, and a notice that even after twenty years, Pearl Jam still has it.

Buy it here.

This week’s 3hree Things is a brief paean to Pearl Jam, their new documentary PJ20, & the impact both have had on my life.

Random Start: Pearl Jam, “Glorified G”

I can’t hear this song without thinking back to late ‘93/early ‘94, riding around with my good friend Arash, blasting Pearl Jam’s Vs. out of the blown-out stock speakers in his Honda Civic, and hearing him proudly sing “glorified version of a pelican” during the choruses (despite the fact that those lyrics make no sense and are, in fact, incorrect*.)

*But if they were the actual lyrics, this song would be about a glorious sea bird that always needs to be kept drunk or high, which might be kind of interesting.

Random Start: Pearl Jam, “You Are”

Although it was referred to as “the album they’d been wanting to make since Vitalogy (in 1994)”, Pearl Jam lost me for a bit with 2002’s Riot Act. They’d been one of my favorite bands for about a decade, and I was pretty disappointed that very little on Riot Act grabbed me. Maybe most of my disinterest in the record was a byproduct of where my head was at at the time (read: all over the place), but to this day, it’s probably the Pearl Jam record I revisit the least. Thankfully, the band dragged me back in with 2009’s Backspacer.

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