My name is Riley, and I play drums and write music for a band called Thrice.

This is where I ramble about music, sports, food, books, the interwebs and whatever else I deem worthy of sharing.

In addition to my ramblings here, I'm also the co-founder of a baseball-specific twitter feed podcast and blog with my good friend Ian, called Productive Outs.

I also have a bandcamp page and a soundcloud page that I'll be posting my own music and remixes on every once in a while.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions presented on this blog are mine and mine only, and do not reflect the position or views of Thrice as a whole.

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Can’t get enough of the new Young Widows record, Easy Pain

Buy it here.

Productive Outs - PRODcast 80: That's Not Our Scouting Grade

Lean and mean this week. About an hour’s worth of rambling, saddled by some awesome tunes from Young Widow’s new record.



Hi, everyone! This is our 80th show. Thanks for all your support over the years. If you can, please rate and review us on iTunes. That would be super-sweet. 

Here’s how PRODcast 80 breaks down:

- Open (0:00-4:00)

- Emails (4:44-29:30)

- Musical guest: YOUNG WIDOWSBuy ‘Easy Pain’ (30:06-35:55)

- Teh baseball tihngs: (35:55-54:11)

  • We’re a quarter of the way through the season. Surprises? Brewers, Marlins, Dodgers, Angels, Rays?

  • Mike Trout is striking out a lot

  • Poor Brandon Belt


  • Will you see “Million Dollar Arm”? (No.) 

- Musical advice: How do you get musicans to notice you?? (54:47-1:03:00)

Wrap it up, B. (1:03:00-1:05:06)

Random Start: Young Widows, “In and Out of Youth”

The brooding closing track from their In and Out of Youth and Lightness record, which was one of my favorite records of 2011. You absolutely need to add it to your playlist if you haven’t already.

Buy In and Out of Youth and Lightness here.

Random Start: Young Widows, “Future Heart”

My favorite track from my No. 3 Record of 2011. This band is so damn good.

Buy In and Out of Youth and Lightness here.

We finally made it to my three favorite records from last year.

Thanks for reading (if you did).

And Just Like That, I’m Buried In New Music

Buy Young Widows’ In And Out Of Youth And Lightness for $7 here.

Buy TV On The Radio’s Nine Types Of Light for $8 here.

Buy Foo Fighters’ Wasting Light for $10 here.

Buy Thursday’s No Devolucion for $8 here.

I picked these records up this morning, and while I’m happy to have all this new music, I’m scared that I’m not going to find adequate time to really sit and digest them all until later this year. I love release days like this, but hate them too.

What did you pick up today?


Dilemma #1: I couldn’t find the album track of this song (or any Young Widows songs, for that matter) on YouTube, which is pretty disheartening because it means that not enough people have listened to this band. The live version above has audio that doesn’t really do the song justice, so I decided to find an alternative method of sharing this song with you. That lead me to…

Dilemma #2: Unfortunately, Tumblr won’t let me post an audio file larger than 10 MB (this song is 11MB), so instead I decided to post the audio version of the sound I heard in my head when my second option for sharing this song with you ended up being a no-go. If you have 99 pennies to spare (and trust me), you can buy the song here. Do it. If you hate it, I’ll give you a dollar next time we cross paths. How’s that for a guarantee?

Dilemma #3: The labeling of socks as L (left) and R (right) by certain companies has made losing a sock in the wash even more catastrophic than it had ever been before. What am I supposed to do with all these left-footed socks? Find an amputee? 


Wait…Young Widows.

I’ve already written a little about them in a previous Random Start (there’s video there as well), but I’ll add that if you like heavy, dischordant rock with great riffs, even greater tones, and a little slide guitar to boot, you need to get into this band immediately. When they break into half-time heaviness with that riff at 3:20 in this track, it makes me want to bang my head until it falls off.


Today’s Random Start was actually “Mid-Western” by Young Widows, but due to an unfortunate scarcity of their material on YouTube (live or otherwise), I bent the rules a bit and went with a live performance of “Delay Your Pressure”. At certain moments, these guys remind me of Botch, and a little of Barkmarket in others. Seeing as those are two of my favorite heavy bands, Young Widows found a permanent spot in my listening rotation. I’ve blown it so far, and haven’t had a chance (read: have failed through no one’s fault by my own) to see them live. That needs to change ASAP.

Two minutes and thirteen seconds of Awesome.

Young Widows - Old Wounds

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